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Sometimes i'm called Sheilish

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Normally, i would describe myself as a communication practitioner, passionate about PR , communication and how they are impacted by digital.

So throughout my time in school, as a communication student, emphasis was always placed on the need to cut ourselves out as communicators by putting the numbers and statistics to our work. However the mechanism to do this wasn’t in place back then except in the form of say surveys, which would majorly be used as a benchmark to evaluate the performance and productivity of communication efforts.

You can therefore imagine my excitement when digital analytics finally became the IT thing and is being used widely in the sector to measure performance. This is the reason why i got interested in digital and the impact it has on communication and PR.

 At the University of Nairobi, I studied Journalism and Media studies, majoring in Public Relations.
Then went on to take a Masters’ class in Corporate Communication from Daystar University.

Currently i am practicing as a Digital Media Buying Manager at Havas Group in Kenya.

Put a face to my name

Sheila Mical advocating for open conversations around menstrual hygiene issues
Sheilla Mical on a trip to Paris